Program Manager/Project Integrator

Miami Homestead AFB (Miami FL)

The Program Manager/Project Integrator is responsible for the day-to-day business operations and shall meet the education and certification standards as specified below.

The contractor must have satisfactory proficiency using the following programs. Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Proficiency will be based on contractor provided training certification.

The contractor shall possess applicable degree and/or professional engineering certification associated with proven engineering experience.

The contractor shall have 6 or more year’s construction experience at the supervisory level

Special Operations Forces (SOF) experience, regardless of military branch, with the US Southern Command and/or associated units is highly desired.

The contractor shall possess expert technical knowledge of engineering, real-estate acquisition, resources [i.e. funds and personnel], programming, environmental management, security planning for the integration and execution of the HQ facility and transition process.

Business Process Optimization: The contractor shall identify funding requirements in support of all MILCON projects (CONUS and OCONUS) through analysis of current business practice. Services shall enhance the CMD EN's ability to estimate future requirements, as well as MILCON projects integration activities.

The contractor shall facilitate coordination of all MILCON project change actions (i.e. engineering, user, etc.) through the Command Engineer Office, and external offices/agencies to SOCSOUTH. The contractor shall maintain close liaison with the U.S. Army Garrison-Miami, the MILCON contractor, and Homestead Air Force Reserve Base (HARB)/ 482nd FW Civil Engineering Officer In Charge (OIC).

Reports and Briefings: The contractor shall prepare and present formal and informal, oral and written reports, and briefings on taskers and requirements as required by the Command Engineer Office.

The contractor shall manage the SOCSO disaster preparedness program.

The contractor shall review contingency plans, track construction progress, participate in final inspections, and accept completed projects in support of SOCSO.

Field Surveys: The contractor shall plan and conduct field surveys to locate new sites, analyze proposed site factors, design maps, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate findings.

Develop plans and cost estimates for installation of systems, utilization of facilities, or construction structures.

Project Site Inspections: The contractor shall provide guidance to the Command Engineer Office through project site inspections and work evaluations to detect design malfunctions to ensure compliance to design specifications and applicable codes.

Analyze product requirements to create designs using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.

The business process optimization shall focus on helping the CMD EN identify funding requirements of operation, maintenance and administration (OM&A) and (other procurement Army)(OPA) in support of MILCON projects CONUS and OCONUS projects.

Report maintenance problem(s) occurring at project site(s) to the Command Engineer Office. Consolidate and discuss comprehensive inspection results and recommendations to resolve system conflicts with local contractors in the AOR within five (5) business days of incident. For any urgent or significant maintenance incidents, immediate notification to the Command Engineer Office is required.

The contractor shall perform as a direct liaison to the Command Engineer Office, providing civil engineering advisory services with a focus on evaluating, documenting, and recommending development plans for new construction or restoration to existing facilities.

Coordination Activities Summary: The contractor shall create and maintain the CAS virtually on either the SOCSOUTH portal or designated shared folder on a weekly basis.

The purpose of the CAS is to organize and establish proper interrelations between two (2) or more co-working projects or processes within the Command. This Summary shall help ensure that the Base Operating Support Services (BOSS) non and reoccurring projects coordination activities comprises all interrelated duties and that proper staff coordination is scheduled and completed. SOCSO staff shall be notified of impending requirements that they have to fulfill to ensure that the Staff has appropriate time to address any coordination requirements as soon as possible.

The contractor shall create the Project Decision Action Elements list on a weekly basis.

The Project Decision Actions Elements list is to help the MILCON warranty project participants through elements/organization of decision-making and issues resolution process.

Whenever the weekly Actions Elements listing contains any of the following items: (deficiency, change order, cause for liquidated damages, task missing an early/late finish date, or funding / requirements shortfall) the PI shall include a one to two page informational “white” paper for the commander.

Project Activities Checklist: The contractor shall develop an Inter-service Project Activities Checklist on a monthly basis.

The Inter-service support project activities checklist shall include specific activity lists that need to be completed in order to identify and define all activities to be undertaken to initiate, plan, implement and close weekly Inter-service support agreement project efforts requirements.

The Activities Checklist shall include and describe minor activities that must be accomplished in order to complete phases of the development of Inter-service support agreement project. Whenever the weekly Inter-service support checklist contains any of the following items: (deficiency, change in schedule, change in requirement, task missing an early/late finish date, or funding/requirements shortfall) the contractor shall include a one to two page informational “white” paper for the commander.

The contractor shall establish the Project Procurement Management Plan on a weekly basis.

The Project Procurement Management Plan for facilities revitalization intended purpose is to synchronize and improve acquisition management and contract administration of projects proceeding through all phases of each project. The plan shall be all-inclusive throughout the procurement process: planning, programming, budgeting, funds tracking, procurement, receipt of equipment, required testing, storage, acceptance and installation.